The First Out At Third is a blog dedicated to the Milwaukee Brewers with a sabermetric twist. It was created by Justin Schultz — a die-hard Brewers fan and loyal Rickie Weeks supporter — in October of 2014. Justin has previously written for Bleacher Report, SB Nation and RotoWire.

The First Out At Third isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill baseball blog. While it focuses on the Brewers, its main goal is to bring you useful and entertaining information by using sabermetrics. It hopes to inform, inspire and broaden your knowledge of advanced statistics as they become more and more prevalent in baseball. You won’t find mundane game recaps or news articles here, but neither will you find mathematical formulas that will surely confuse you. This site is completely dedicated to providing analysis using advanced statistics in an understandable way. There will be no talk of batting average here, and rarely will you see ERA cited without context.

The name of this site was inspired by Carlos Gomez, and the aggressive and sometimes silly baserunning nature of the Brewers. While this can be frustrating at times, it gives us a reason to drink, so it’s not all bad.

Email Justin at TheFirstOutAtThird@gmail.com


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