Writer wanted

The First Out At Third is in the market for a new, sabermetric savy writer.

I’m looking for someone who is well-versed in the advanced analytics world, but at the same time, someone who won’t overwhelm the audience with math equations that the normal-brained person will find confusing. Because that’s not what The First Out At Third is about. We simply use sabermetrics in order to better analyze and judge players and situations. We want to inform the public, but not befuddle them.

You don’t necessarily need to be a Milwaukee Brewers’ fan to write here, but you must be well-educated about the organization. (P.S. if you have a great love for Rickie Weeks, you’re already ahead of the game).

This isn’t a paid position, because let’s face it, I lose money by running this site. I’ve said no to advertisers because I am not interested in ads popping up and ruining the experience for my readers. I don’t write about the Brewers to get rich, and neither should you. Do it because you have a voice to offer.

I will also not require an article quota. I’ve written for multiple sites that have required me to write a certain amount of articles per week/month, and sometimes I felt I was BSing a piece just to meet the requirement. That won’t happen here. Write as much or as little as you want; however, if I feel you aren’t invested in the success of this site as much as you should be, I will make the necessary move.

A few requirements for this position: You need to be good at answering emails, and you need to conduct yourself in a professional way on any social media sites you may use. That’s not asking much, but it is very important.

I honestly have no idea how much traction this will get as The First Out At Third is still a relatively new and unknown website, but if you’re interested, please send writing samples and a few reasons why you’d make a good fit to TheFirstOutAtThird@gmail.com. But I will warn you, if you cite batting average in any one of your articles, I will laugh and disregard your submission


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